• Top 10 Door and Window Keywords in 2017(2)

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    • Time: 2018-03-09
  • As said in the above article,we will continue to introduce four of the top 10  keywords of the door and window in 2017.
    4.Experiential consumption
    Consumer consumption concepts and values are also constantly changing. People are paying more and more attention to the emotional interests of products when they buy products and services. Consumers usually lack experience in purchasing, lack of knowledge and knowledge about products. As a result, more and more door handle manufacturers enterprises are advocating experiential consumption. Only in the process of experience can consumers understand the products more comprehensively. It can also help consumers make purchase decisions better and make consumers feel more secure and assured when they pay.
    5.energy conservation and environment protection
    This year, the two sessions renewed the topic of "environmental protection economy" again. It can be seen that the environmental protection line of sustainable development is not only a country's rigid regulation, but also an inevitable requirement for protecting the environment. It is also a sound development of door and window enterprises. The window and door handle manufacturers industry has been developing rapidly in recent years, which means that the competition within the industry is becoming more and more intense and it does not want to be eliminated by the market first. Therefore, it is very important to respond to the national environmental protection policy.
    6.O _ 2O model
    The emergence of "Internet" has not only changed the development mode of enterprises, but also greatly changed the way of life of consumers. Internet marketing as a future development trend, door and window brands can not ignore. Many door and window enterprises have set up a set of perfect O2O model, adopt the strategy of integration and development of online and offline, and solve the demand of open, fair and just consumption online. At the same time, offline resources are taken as the support, including design, display, etc. Logistics and so on. Undeniably, the door and window enterprise electronic commerce and the physical shop unifies already is the inevitable trend.
    7.Cross-cutting development
    Cross-domain development has always been a hot keyword in the door and window home industry. In 2017, with the rapid development of real estate, home customization has become the development trend. Therefore, many door and window enterprises also cross-border development cabinet customization, the overall wardrobe customization, one after another home customization market, development and expansion of the scale of enterprises.



    To be continued...

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