• Top 10 Door and Window Keywords in 2017(3)

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    • Time: 2018-03-12
  • The rest of the top 10 keywords of the doors and windows in 2017 will be concluded overall.
    8.Brand competition
    In the current market competition, the price war has become the past tense, and the competition around the brand is gradually becoming the focus of the market competition. Whether it is taking the initiative to join the brand competition or forced to accept, Brand shaping and building have become the focus of door and window brand.
    Nowadays, the competition between door and window brands is becoming more and more fierce. Not every brand, large or small, can get a good development. It may never come out, or it will become a household name overnight. This also requires that door and window brand needs to look at brand problem correctly.
    9.New retail
    The "new retail" model has become the future development trend of the door and window industry. The so-called "new retail" refers to a kind of business model which will disappear in the future and combine the online with offline and logistics. That is, "online and offline logistics," e-commerce platforms and physical retail enterprises to cooperate with each other, through big data timely understand the consumer demand of users. This for the door and window industry in many ways there is a lot of room for improvement, but also to the development of window and door handle manufacturers' enterprises brought more challenges.
    10.Multiple promotion
    Under the shadow of an unmarketable industry, promotion seems to be a "life-saving straw" to drive the development of the door and window industry. However, as consumers mature, it is difficult for traditional promotion methods to ignite consumers' buying enthusiasm. The rational demand in the promotion activities will again be "awakened"; the door and window enterprises and distributors need to deal with the changes in the market and consumers more rationally, and the diversified marketing methods will arouse the attention of the industry and consumers. In this way, the cause of development will continue to move forward.
    The top 10 keywords of the doors and windows in 2017  is as mentioned .



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