• Top 10 Door and Window Keywords in 2017(1)

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    • Time: 2018-03-08
  • By the end of the year, it is essential to review and summarize. Windows and doors are in an important period of transformation and upgrading. At this time of change, opportunities and puzzles are present, are they trapped, submerged, or able to stand up to the tide in a torrent? See whether the enterprise can seize the rope of development in the changing circumstances.
    What are the new trends in the industry of doors and windows in 2017, and where is the tuyere in 2017, which has been the subject of heated discussion?
    The top ten keywords of the door and window industry take you back to the industry trends in 2017.And we will introduce them to you in this article and the following two articles.
    1.Custom door and window
    The door and window market is getting younger and younger. While the quality of the products is guaranteed, consumers are increasingly pursuing individuation and abandoning the traditional door hardware accessories products. Custom-made doors and windows have gradually been favored and recognized by consumers. In order to cater to the trend of younger consumers in the market, many door and window brands have begun to develop customization, and have achieved good results. The development of door and window brand individualized products is not only to meet the needs of consumers, but also in line with the development of industry and market trends. In the future, the demand for customized products is greater, and the development of door hardware accessories brands is also a major trend.
    2.Intelligent door and window
    With the rapid development of the household industry, "intelligence" has become a hot word in the home decoration market. The consumer's demand for doors and windows is not only limited to the protection of family safety, but also the expectation that doors and windows can take into account both theft prevention, robbery prevention, and indoor air purification. Therefore, how to combine science and technology with doors and windows to make each door and window more intelligent and meet the needs of each user has become the trend of the development of windows and doors.
    3.System door and window
    System doors and windows are a perfect organic combination of performance systems. They need to consider a series of important functions, such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, theft prevention, sun shading, weather resistance, operation feel, etc. Also consider the equipment, profile, accessories, glass, viscose, sealing parts of the comprehensive results of each link, indispensable, form a high-performance system doors and windows.




    To be continued...

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