• What are the Advantages of the Doors and Windows Industry in China?

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    • Time: 2018-03-08
  • 1.The decoration market pull strongly
    With the increasing number of "turnkey" projects, the phenomenon of floor, cabinets and sanitary ware in first-tier cities has been popularized, but the phenomenon of giving doors and windows is rare. This provides a hotbed for door and window manufacturers to customize their main products. Whether it is refined decoration or rough housing, windows and doors have become a necessity, providing the door and window industry with unlimited room for development. Moreover, in the past few years, the door and window industry was just furniture, cabinets, and sanitary ware. An "accessory" to the flooring and other industries has been included in customized furniture, and the classification of the industry is embarrassing. Through the efforts of door and window enterprises in recent years, the media, exhibitions, and entrepreneurs have finally given it a definition: customizing doors and windows. And spawned a new industry?  It is estimated that in the next three to five years, the door and window industry in China will expand gradually with the increase of market demand, but not by a few times.
    2. Professional and energy-saving
    In the past, the traditional doors and windows were usually finished by decoration workers (or carpentry). In this market, the "road workers" in the decoration team occupied a considerable proportion, and the truly high level of carpentry was rarely used in the processing of doors and windows. As a result, decoration companies have high cost, difficult to guarantee and pollute the environment when customizing doors and windows. As a result, decoration companies do work hard to make furniture for the owners, but are often complained about. The appearance of professional door and window manufacturing enterprises, won the recognition of consumers, but also in line with the concept of national advocacy of "big environmental protection."
    3. The industrial chain has been basically improved
    In the early development of the industry, and enterprises need supporting material but is not perfect, and if companies want to achieve innovation, must be their own design first, then according to the design drawings of the initiative to find some material manufacturers to jointly develop, which greatly increases the innovation cost and time period. Facing the changing market demand, door handle manufacturers are hard to achieve and develop themselves.
    With the development of the industry, its supporting materials also keep pace with the market. Today's material manufacturers no longer passively provide various kinds and specifications of materials for door and window factories, and they also actively help door and window enterprises to develop new products, which accelerated the improvement of the entire industrial chain, for the rapid upgrading of the industry tamping the foundation.



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