• The Installation Specifications of building Doors and Windows

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    • Time: 2018-01-11
  •  Building window and door hardware accessories are usually used in the construction industry.Because its functions are including lighting,ventilation, shelter,traffic ,etc.,it is the necessary in the daily life.There are many kinds of building doors and windows.Each style of building doors and windows show the classical and exquisite spirit.When installing the building doors and windows,its dimensions and materials are very important.Thus,the problem about what specifications should be followed when installing the building doors and windows is very crucial.

    And now,please focus on the specifications as following:
    1.During the installation,all the bare parts of the doors and windows should be protected well.If the protective film is damaged,the film should be reissued in time.Before the completion and acceptance,the contractor shall bear the responsibility of guarding and protecting.If there is any damage and shortage,the contractor shall be liable for the replenishment or replacement.
     2.The outside of window frame should be leveled with the structure wall.To guarantee the horizontal and vertical directions of the doors and windows are consistent, the connection piece must be leveled with the side surface of the window hole.And it is strictly forbidden to protrude the inside wall.
     3.The window frame connection is double-directional fixed galvanized material,which is 1.5mm thick and 20mm wide.The outside of window frame without being pasted the film should be leveled with the outside of upper frame and the wall.The connection piece must be connected with the side wall of the hole,and cannot be extended into the inner wall,as well as the space with the plate should be less than 500mm.The inner and outer should be alternatively arranged.
    4. The window frames and the wall slits should bee chiseled before spraying the foaming glue.And the floating ashes around the window frame should be cleaned.Also,the hole should be watered.And then the foaming glue outside the window frame should be pressed below the frame surface about 2mm,and it should not be cut.
    Only according to the correct and qualified the installation can we install the building doors and windows well,and it will be a unique landscape in our daily life.






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