• How to Identify the Quality of Building Hardware

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    • Time: 2018-01-12
  • The building hardware is very crucial for the safety of the home decoration.Thus,how to distinguish the advantages and the disadvantages of the building hardware.perhaps some consumers don’t know it very clearly.So,the following is a simple interpretation of the advantages and disadvantages of the building hardware.
    1. Focus on the texture.
    The high-quality building hardware products are usually made of cold- rolled steel.Because of this,when you touch the products like window handle upvc,you will feel that the high-quality products are smooth,solid and heavy ,and also feel that they are with the certain resilience.Many of the inferior building hardware products are made of the thin iron skin.After use for a long time,their resilience will be lost.
    2. Focus on the feelings.
    The feelings are different when you touch or use the high quality or inferior hinges.When you open the door with high quality hinge,it opens very smoothly.And the door will be sprang back automatically and normally,when the angle is less than 15 degree.Compared to the high quality hinges,the service life of inferior hinge is very short,and easy to fall off.
    3. Test the steel
    When choose the building hardware,the load-bearing should be taken into the important consideration.Different specifications is with different thickness and different bearing.When check or inspect the quality of the hardware,you can press it by the hand,and then check whether it will be loosed or flipper or not.

    4. Focus on the materials.
    A building hardware ,such as the drawer runner,its material can affect the smoothness when in the process of tract or slide.Before buy the products,you can test it in several times to check if there is any feelings about block and notice if there is any noise.







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