• The Relevant Safety Measurements of the Doors and Windows

    • source: 3H;
    • Time: 2018-01-13
  • The Doors and Windows Project is including the doors and windows,and its inspection lots are including the wood doors and windows manufacturing ,the installations of wood/steel/aluminum/painted galvanized steel/plastic/glass doors/door lock handle, and the special doors installation.And some consumers do not know the safety measurements,thus, the safety measures are summarized as follows:
    1.Use the gloves or cloth,paper to separate the glass from the bare parts of the body and hands when handle the glass
    2.the cutting glass should be carried out in the prescribed places.And the surplus materials should be concentrated and processed in time.
    3.The tools used to install the glass should be placed in the bag ASAP.At the same time,it’s strictly forbidden to put the iron nails in the mouth.
    4.Safety belts should be tighten when in the independent suspension operation,and  holding the glass by one hand and climbing on the escalator is forbidden.
    5.When installing the windows glass,it should not be work at the same time in thee vertical direction of two layers,so as to avoid the broken glass.
    6.When installing the windows and high-rise buildings,the pedestrians are prohibited from passing under or near the construction site,which is to prevent the glass and tools from falling and wounding .
    7.The hanger and cantilever should be set up when the large-screen glass is installed from top to bottom.
    8.The installed glass should be flat,firm and solid,and after the installation,the wind hook and bolt should be hanged well,in case the wind blows the windows to hurt the pedestrians.
    9.When installing the lighting glass roof,the scaffold board should be set up and the  other safety measurements should be taken.
    10.After installation,the rest broken glass should be cleaned and stored in time,and handled ASAP to avoid injury.




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