• Why the Door Closer Should Be Fitted in the Public

    • source: 3H;
    • Time: 2018-01-10
  • It is well known that ,no matter which fire department in our country or in global,there is a clear indicator of fire door’s inspection in the public.The door closer device on the fire doors is the important point of it.This is the mandatory indicator which is regulated by the government.And it is definitely seen that fire doors are mainly concentrated in the public places,such as office buildings,the home stairs,hospital,KTV,shopping malls,etc..There is a common point that the door closer is definitely installed at the safe escape.Thus, installing the door closer is very important.
    If in the event of a fire in these public places,the safety escape will be the only escape for us.Assuming that there is no fire doors,the spread speed of fire will be accelerated certainly, then,the escape time for us will be reduced greatly.And if there is no door closer,the fire door can not be closed automatically once the person ran out without closing the door.Then ,the fire will be spread to the safety escape easily.It will cause the harm to the people who is in the escape way.
    Therefore,it is very important to install the door hardware accessories fire door or the escape door with standard quality.Moreover,in order to prevent the fire,we also must take the corresponding measurements.The installation of the standard fire door,regular inspection of the fire alarm system and no circuit’s modification for the heating equipment,etc..These are the measurements we need to take.



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