• Outside and Inside casement window’s different in choosing Rubber Sealings

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    • Time: 2017-12-01
  • We all know the performance of window and door rubber sealings, in fact, Rubber sealings’using is more difficult. Different window matches the different rubber srealings, usually, outside casement window and inside casement window are very different.


    1, outside casement window rubber sealings’choosing
       Single outside casement window usually uses outside double sealing, so it is easy. If the window uses hinge to install, because of the window closing is need the axes, so the rubber sealings’caliber should not too big, it is good in 1 to 1.5mm. We suggest you to choose the not closed rubber sealings, because it can avoid the decrement is too big and make the installation become difficult.
    2. Inside casement door rubber sealings’choosing
      Lsobaric strip: Insatlling on the edge. This rubber sealings is the important of Heat insulation broken bridge. Because the rubber sealings has a bit decrement. So it needs a bit closing power when window and door closed. If you only need the lsobaric strip more, the window closing will be difficult. But the inside door rubber is installing on the fan. This rubber sealings need to choose not closing rubber, the decrement should be 2 to 3mm, the wall thickness should be 1 to 1.3mm. HEHE as a responsible window handles upvc supplier, can provide you a one stop window and door system and door accessories solution.



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