• The fashion rubber strips in Aluminium window and door

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    • Time: 2017-12-01
  • Now, the favourite rubber strips in Aluminium window and PVC, EPDM, TPV and MVQ, but there are many different in them, let me show you now.



      1.The raw material granule is mixed by window handle uvpc and P83 nitrile and plastic, so its shock resistance and elongation at break are both better than PVC, the cost performance is very good.
      2,Specific gravity: High PVC 1.5g/cm3, Middle PVC 1.6g/cm3, Low PVC 1.7g/cm3
      3.Life: one to three years
      1.EPDM has excellent resistance to ozone, weathering resistance, heat aging resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, good chemical stability.
      2.Specific gravity:1.3-1.35g/cm3
      3.Life: over 20 years


      1.It has an excellent resilience and compression morphotrocy, its environmental resistance and ageing resistance are the same with EPDM,also the oil resistant solvent resistance are as good as general purpose chloroprene rubber.
      2.Specific gravity:1.05-1.15g/cm3
      3.Life:over 25 years
      1.Excellent aging resistance, non-toxic, environmentally friendly; can reach the level of food hygiene requirements, to meet the requirements of various colors.
      2.Specific gravity:1.18-1.25g/cm3
      3.Life: over 50 years


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