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    • Time: 2017-12-04
  • Window handles upvc,window and door handle, as its name, maybe everyone has heard, but many people don’t know its performance and material. Now, I told the performance and material of window and door handle to you and I hope it is good for yourselves.


    Window and door handle: It can be turn down 90°and 180°, it uses the arama bekletme and connection to connect and it uses them to transimiss, so the locking point can go into the striker and it can get locked.
      1. The handle uses the excellent Aluminium Alloy and manches the appearence design, so customers can enjoy the comfortable feeling when they use.
      2. The aluminium door handles body use the bolt and bottom parts, it is very easy.
      3.The handle arama bekletme uses the excllent stainless steel material, so the handle’s strength higher, it can be use in the more thickness material.
      4.The handle after installation, the bolt isn’t outside, so the products can be beautiful.
      Transmission Rob: it is the mashine to transmiss the handle.
      1. The transmission rob uses the excellent Aluminium alloy, so the connection and locking point use the Zinc Alloy.
      2. The transmission rob has 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 size to choose. We also can book depend on customers’need.
      3. Choosing the different material, fork’s length and transmission rob’s length are also different.



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