• How To Reduce The Noise Through Adjusting The Window?

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    • Time: 2019-01-17

    In the face of an external noisy environment, the double-layer windows are not sound-proof, how the noise can be reduced? If you want to protect your normal daily life, you must defeat the noise. There are many ways to solve the unnecessary noise.


    1.The selection of door and window

    In the  normal circumstances, if you want doors and windows to have strong sound insulation performance, it is necessary to install with double-layer double structure. The spacing between the double-layer windows is preferably 20cm-30cm, so that the same sound insulation effect of concrete can be achieved.

    If you are strengthening the sound insulation of the window, the window installation can retain the existing window, and then add a window, which can also achieve the noise isolation effect. It is recommended to install ordinary UPVC windows or soundproof windows. The effect is very obvious.


    2.Choose the suitable hehexin window frame and hardware accessories

    For the material of the window frame,many people choose the the one is made by aluminum alloy.And as the same,they will choose the aluminum alloy or zinc alloy hardware accessories.


    3.Sealing strips installation

    There is an important premise for the installation of the sealing strip, which is only for windows with poor sealing. Of course, if the sealing is not good, the noise is very strong. Therefore, if the indoor noise is strong, check whether the sealing of the window is intact. If there is a problem, you can choose the sealing stripto install. Its function is similar to the principle of soundproof cotton.


    Check the width of the gap when using the sealing strip, and then insert the sealing strip into the gap tightly. The noise will not pass in through the gap.

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