• How To Ajdust The UPVC Window Handle?

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    • Time: 2019-01-09
  • As we all know that there are many people choose the UPVC  profile to  match their door and window,thus,the hardware accessories which is matched with the UPVC window and door are very popular.But when the UPVC window handle is not installed well,how do we to adjust the UPVC window handle.

    So,we will introduce the steps about  how to adjust the UPVC window handle.


    1. The majority of the UPVC window handle is the ones that are turned downwards or upwards.It can open the window when you open it 45 degrees, and the downward swing is closed.


    2. There are screws on the opposite side of the handle, screw it down, take the handle, and adjust the inside of the card teeth, which structure is very simple inside.


    3. There are two kinds of handles: one is rotating the handle to the open position, take off the small decorative craft cover, unscrew the two screws to remove the handle; the other one is rotating the handle to the open position. Pull out the decorative cover and rotate it 90 degrees. Unscrew the two screws to remove the handle.


    4. Generally speaking, the window width starts from 0.6m and is wide to constitute "with window", but it should be noted that when the size of the normal window is wide with the window, the sound insulation problem of the left and right room and the sliding range of the sliding window sash, but also pay attention to the size of the normal window, the window width of the full opening will cause glare on the cross wall, which is not suitable for the classroom and the exhibition room.


    5. In addition, when the height of the window is less than 0.8m, protective measures should be taken.



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