• How Height is Suitable for the Handle of the Window from the Ground?

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    • Time: 2019-01-07
  • The window is a very important design in the whole room. The window can effectively ventilate the room, and the room can receive good light, making the family's living more comfortable and comfortable. In order to facilitate the opening and closing of windows, the design of the windows is critical.

    Thus,how height is suitable for the aluminium door handle of the window is from the ground?


    The aluminium door handle of the window must be determined from the open position. It should be clear that it is most comfortable to use the forearm to open the window. At this time, the forearm and the wrist joint are only subjected to the pulling force, and the use is not subject to bending and twisting. Force, mechanically speaking, it is also the most economical way to open the window. The appropriate height of the window aluminium door handle should be the height of the elbow joint.


    Because the window is not tailor-made for a person, the principle of determining this height is to let as many people as possible to feel comfortable, then look at the distribution density of the height dimension of the elbow joint, and choose a distribution density. Generally, the 50th percentile is optional, because the human body size is roughly normal.


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