• How to Install the Aluminum Alloy Sliding Door

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    • Time: 2018-04-13
  • Sliding door can be divided into two push-pull rails, one push-pull track and the folded push-pull to the axial direction. Folding sliding door occupies a small space, must be designed according to the house structure, space size and using function when installing.The main thing  of installing the sliding door is to install the track well, if the track is installed in good position,the installation is almost finished. Here is a brief introduction of installing steps for sliding door orbit by 3H pull handles suppliers.
    1.The size for the upper orbit box of sliding door should be ensured in 12cm high and 9cm wide.Like the window curtain box,the orbit installed inside the orbit box,which can let the sliding door be hung on the orbit.
    2.The golden size of a normal door is about 80 cm x 200 cm. Under this structure, the door is relatively stable and also beautiful. Therefore, the ratio of the width and height of the sliding door should be similar to that of the golden size.
    3.Be careful with the sliding door ( Hang Track Box) that comes to the top. Because the swing amplitude is too large during pushing and pulling, the sliding door can be easily deformed after a long time, and the door cannot be opened after the deformation, which means that it cannot be repaired and cannot be used.
    4.When installing the sliding door track, fix the upper track, and use the gravity cone (hanger hammer) to hang the three points on both ends of the upper track and at the midpoint. Draw 3 points on the floor with an oil pen, install the upper track, and then put a hammer on the center of the upper track to the ground. The vertical line should be placed at the both ends of the track. The lower track is fixed at these three points to ensure that the upper and lower tracks are completely paralleled and the sliding door is pushed and pulled at the best condition. 



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