• The Profile Door can also be Fitted with the Intelligent Fingerprint Lock

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    • Time: 2018-04-17
  • With the development of intelligent technology, there has been a great change of people's lives, as if the intelligent fingerprint lock without “lock” has entered the sight of people.Because with the advantages of convenient security intelligent fingerprint lock, intelligent fingerprint lock is generally accepted by the public, and traditional key has passed,the intelligent lock is opening a new situation. One of the advantages of a smart fingerprint lock is its convenience.
    3h INC.,has designed and developed a new kind of intelligent lock in these few days.Let me introduce this 3h intelligent fingerprint lock in high cost performance,FPL02.
    This kind of fingerprint lock is applied to aluminum alloy door,UPVC door and the door for sunlight room,as long as you can install the lock body with the central distance in 35/45.
    3H intelligent fingerprint lock is combined with the fingerprint and password identification,and which will let you free from the worry about losing the keys.


    Two colors optional,one is antique brass plating,the other one is red copper plating,and its size is 290mm high,40mm wide and 28mm thick.

    Safety,is the essential requirement for intelligent fingerprint lock
    Intelligent fingerprint lock is with the omni-directional intelligent anti-theft system which is prevent the danger from its birth. But someone will worry about stolen and fake of fingerprint, although it is odd, it still cannot be ignored.Thus,buying the high intelligent fingerprint lock with high quality and anti-theft security coefficient is necessary! Intelligent fingerprint lock which is produced by 3H are all composed of semiconductor fingerprint head those optical fingerprint is better than the ones in the market.The semiconductor fingerprint head can be identified by the fingerprint automatically, which is similar to the camera's autofocus technology, make the acquisition of fingerprint more clear, unlock faster and more fluent.



    Intelligent fingerprint lock is after performance testing, mechanical lock and the electronic system of every index are strictly inspected by the authoritative department. And completely reach the level of the industry's leading, determine to give every customer the most secure protection.
    3H door handle manufacturers' fingerprint lock adopt the C level safety lock core,which comfort the user.C level lock core adopt the the keys with the patent of dual parallels,compute and complex curved line chute.In the current market,the most safe lock is the C level lock which can not be opened in 270mins.Totally,the safety of the C level lock is higher than the others,and it is the best choice.



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