• How to Choose the Door Handle

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    • Time: 2018-04-12
  • There are many kinds of door handles in the market,thus,how can we purchase the suitable door lock handle in good quality?

    1. Basic on the local conditions

    During the home decoration,everyone wants to use the money on the blade.You should choose and purchase the door handle according to the local conditions.For example,door lock should be chosen the solid one,if with the certification by the police station,it is best.The inner door is focus on its appearance and convenience.The doors of the bedroom,living room are not often closed and locked,thus,you can buy the one with less opening and closing test.But the door lock of the washing room should be buy the one in good quality,because it’s often used.Besides,we should focus on the healthy problems when choose the handle.The handle on the door of washing room should be copper,because copper is with elimination of bacteria.

    2. Accurately identify the difference between imported door lock handle

    High-grade imported door handles have a full set of imported and imported accessories domestic assembly points, the price is different, should pay attention to distinguish when choose and purchase. In addition, if the business is said to be imported, he should be able to issue customs clearance.

    3. Recognize the price of the door handle

    Pure copper door handles are not necessarily more expensive than stainless steel, depending on the process. In addition, the plastic door handle must not be beautiful because it is not strong enough. Once it is broken, it cannot even open the door.




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