• Four Tips to Prevent from Buying the Fake Hardware Accessories

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  • Although the hardware accessories are concise, they are the necessary hardware in our lives. They perform their duties in an orderly manner and connect various necessary items. Although we know the importance of hardware accessories, some people still complain that they do not know how to choose. Thus,we will introduce four tips to choose and purchase the hardware accessories.

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    Appearance of the hardware accessories

    The appearance of the hardware parts is smooth, uniform, delicate, no burr, rust, etc.. In addition, it should be have the characteristics of high processing accuracy, good interchangeability, regular brand, origin and quality assurance commitment period. It's worth noting that miscellaneous manufacturers' products have a rough appearance and often have naked eyes visible flaw, which is no guarantee of quality assurance.

    Brands of the hardware accessories

    There are hundreds of famous brands which produce the hardware accessories in the world. And you can choose the brands of manufacturers including aluminum accessories suppliers,whose performance is outstanding.

    Inspection of the hardware accessories

    Check whether the guide rail, door hinge opening and closing are smooth, without abnormal sound, whether the window handle is rusted, whether the surface oxidation layer is peeled off, whether the plating layer and the gloss are uniform, whether the damper is closed smoothly, and whether the sliding of the drawer load state is smooth or not.

    Report of the hardware accessories

    All hardware accessories should have a test report made by a domestic or international special certification body to prove that the various properties of the accessories meet the standards.

    According to the above, another suggestion for you, you'd better buy them such as aluminium door handles in reputable furniture hardware shop.

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