• How to Understand the Door and Window Hardware System Clearly

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    • Time: 2018-07-30
  • Nowadays,except the performance of safety,beauty,more and more doors and windows are made with the other feature:energy-saving and emission-reducing.Thus,how to improve the energy-saving performance of doors and windows has become a key point in the building industry.

    As we all known that if you want to save the energy and reduce teh emission of the door and window,the wind resistance,air tightness are the points.And these performance are related to the qualtiy of the door and window hardware and hardware system.


    Door and window hardware is an important part of the door and window system.Also,what is the door and window hardware?How to choose the hardware accessories?

    Today,let us discuss how to understand the door and window hardware system clearly.

    1. What is the door and window hardware system?

    Generally speaking,many people think that the door and window hardware is just the accessories of door and window.Although there is a saying that the hardware accecssories is the heart of door and window,it has not received the real attention.

    Door and window hardware can be divided into opening and closing parts, bearing parts, operating parts, auxiliary parts, and subsystems that serve the door and window system through the matching and integration of the system.
    There is also a need for systematic technical support and after-sales service. We can't simply say a certain hardware product, and we can't abandon the separate hardware components and talk about the concept of "door and window hardware system".


    2. How to choose the hardware accessories?

    (1) First of all, we must consider the wind pressure resistance, air tightness and stability required for doors and windows,
        (2) Select the quality assurance hardware manufacturer and reasonable hardware accessories by the size of the door, window sash, aspect ratio, profile shape and opening method;
        (3) When there is wind pressure resistance requirement, determine the number of lock points and layout scheme according to the local wind pressure standard value and the height of the floor to ensure the required wind and pressure resistance, airtight performance and stability of doors and windows

    As mentioned above,we can know that what is the door and window system and how to choose the hardware accessories.

    But we should know how to do it or implement it.

    First,a systematic concept should be established to make corresponding plans for various hardware products. In the framework of the large "door and window system", the changes of profiles, glass, rubber strips, processing technology.

    Second,for the guaranteed safety,should consider the factors determined by the width of the door, sash, and weight, the load-bearing grades, specifications, and dimensions of load-bearing components such as hinges , sliding stays, and pulleys are selected.

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