• Selection and installation of fiction stay

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    • Time: 2017-10-10
  • The selection of fiction stay
      The selection of fiction stay depends on the window weight and size. Required bearing load of fiction stay= the weight of sash(glass weight + profile weight)* safety factor. The selection of its length. Generally, the lengh of fiction stay is 2/3 of the window width. For lighter one, 1/2. The length of fiction stay can be referred according to the above two requirements. The utmost opening angle of the sash is relevant with the selection of fiction stay and installation. The fiction stay in different system and different system and different size cannot sued in one window.


     The selection of stainless steel screw
      Adopting stainless steel screw M5*8 to fasten the fiction stay. Select the screw on condiftions, for the solidity and reliability, here we suggest countersunk and pan head screw at other place like chute. Friction stay must install closely with the sash and frame without any movement. All the screw holes must be twisted with screws; which may affect friction’s pull in use.



      The installation and its requirements on profile
      The gap between sash and frame is stack height of friction stay during installation, generally 17-17.5mm. For the specific technical parameter, refer to fiction stay series. The friction stay should close the outward edge of window frame as near as possible during installation. The delta head is required to close install to the frame. Meanwhile ensure both upper and bottom friction stay on the same vertical.


      The maintenance of friction stays
      Friction stay needs regular check and maintenance to stop hard debris and corrosive substance such as sand, cement and too much dust from falling into the bottom slot of friction stay. That will cause windows opening and closing not smoothly. And lube is needed to smear on it.

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