• Tilt-turn window system GB/T 24601-2009

    • source: 3H;
    • Time: 2017-10-10
  • Definition:
      The window can be inward opened, bottom hung, and locked by operation of the handle.
      Main technical features:
      In opening state, the operation force is less than 50N. In tilt-turn state, the operation force is less than 180N while the sash weight is 60KG-130KG. Less than 230N while sash weight is over 130KG. Less than 150N while sash weight is less than 60KG. 15000 cycles is tested. Strength of lock portion: Lock point and lock holder’s works well under 1800N. Suitable for all european standard(20 mm groove) profile.
      The right angle corner device is composed by several stainless steel sheets. So the transmission power with 90 degrees can be transferred to the locking points on two sides of windows or doors. Either has adjustable locking point, and the eccentricity is +1, so it can adjust air tightness, water tightness and window locks degree when closing doors and windows. Movable locking point is used for transmission corners.


    In strict accordance with European standard (20mm groove), the company produces transmission rods with precise design, elegant appearance and light and handy merits. Hexagon wrench can be used to fasten the sash in the case of loose. The gap should be +3mm during installation which is greater than products of the same kind both home and abroad.



    The opening sash can keep tilting after the key is taken from the children lock, but is can’t be turned inward. So it will keep the rooms ventilate, and also protect children at home effectively. Safety locks for children are designed to be unattached to ensure the safety of children and enhance the water tightness, air tightness, and heat preservation as well. And the lock is characteristic with simple structure, excellent performance, easy and convenient installation, and elegant appearance. It adopts fine cylinder with self-righting leaf.

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