• The Installation Methods and Precautions of Glass Door Handle

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  • The glass door can not only brighten the light in the room, but also have a higher aesthetic effect than other types of doors. But how much do you know about the installation of glass door handles? How to install it with best effect and safety performance?

    For the aluminum door handle supplier, installation is not a difficult task, but if you want to be safe and convenient in use, you need to pay attention to many things during the installation process.

    1. The installation of glass door handle need to be careful


    The function of the door is actually a good partition, and it needs to be turned on and off. Therefore, the glass door handle is very important. The glass door is different from other doors, and the handle of the wooden door is relatively easy to install because even the mistake will not cause any damage to the door itself. However, the glass door is very different at this point, it is very fragile compared to the wooden door, so when we choose the glass door handle, we must choose a relatively easy to install the handle, and not easy to let the glass door to be damaged.

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    1. The installation steps of glass door handle


    First of all, we will certainly use auxiliary tools such as our common screwdrivers during the installation process. Then we must pay attention to not to cause damage to the glass doors due to excessive strength or too little force. This is what we do not want to see. The second is that there are many types of glass door handles. Most glass doors leave slot holes for the installer to install the handles. We need to select the appropriate size handles for installation.

    1. The removal of door handle


    Most of the door handles are also removable. We first disassemble it and then insert the handles through the slots through the auxiliary tools to fix the door handles. For glass doors, there are many difference from ordinary doors, in order to not affect the normal installation time at the time of purchase should still make it clear that the glass door handles to be purchased, try to lighten their own actions during installation, Try not to use too many sharp auxiliary tools to prevent damage due to mistakes.


    In conclusion,glass is an excellent choice for lighting and aesthetic effects, and the application of the door is indispensable in our daily life. The safety and comfort of accessories is also something we usually need to pay attention to.


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