• How much do you Know Casement Window Hardware Accessories

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    • Time: 2019-07-29
  • How much do you Know Casement Window Hardware Accessories

    One of the basic accessories for the casement window is the hinge. Due to the one-way opening  performance of the hinge, the hinge is always installed in the opening direction, that is, the inwards opening window hinge is installed indoors, and the outwards opening window hinge is installed outdoors.

    In order to prevent the hinge from affecting the sealing of the window, the hinge of the metal window is usually welded to the outside of the window profile.


    The lock of the outwards window is a rotating lock, and the handle is usually combined with the lock.

    The handles of the inwards window are independent and have no relationship with other components.


    The restrict limiter is an essential part of the outwards opening window to prevent the wind from blowing the window sash and causing a collision.However, the fixed plane formed by the two hinges and the restrict limiter has a limited degree of firmness, and the better quality restrict limiter is made of copper for the purpose of preventing to be rusty.



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