• Gathering·Fighting|3H National Sales Training-The First Station Changsha was Officially Started

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    • Time: 2019-08-15
  • Gathering·Fighting|3H National Sales Training-The First Station Changsha was Officially Started


    3H INC., cooperates with agents and distributors to cooperate and fight against the horn of the sales season in the second half of the year. Therefore,3H INC., organizes the administrative department, marketing department, technical department and many other functional departments to create a quality,and excellent roving demonstration team,thus,the national sales system roving training program is successfully launched.


    After careful organization, rehearsal drills and professional internal training, on August 10, 2019, the joint training was successfully launched in Changsha.

    During the training process, the lecturers and the students actively interacted with each other. The classroom atmosphere was active. The lecturers provided professional advice on technical issues such as product application and after-sales tracking, analyzed and guided the practical application of the students.


    Through this training, regional sales representatives and agents unified their thinking, unified actions, and reached a consensus goal, not only in-depth understanding of the market layout and product knowledge, but also systematically learn the order considerations and customer daily consultation.It has laid a good foundation for future business.


    The flourishing development of a company can never be separated from the excellent sales team. The first station of the 2019 “Gathering·Fighting” national sales system tour training is a good sign that the sales target of “three years doubling” is just around the corner.3Hers always adhere to the professional roots in the market, promote the market with services, examine the market with a new way of thinking, and work together to advance against the trend!


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