• When 3H meets the shower room, what will it spark?

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    • Time: 2020-08-31
  • When 3H meets the shower room, what will it spark?

    In recent years, shower room products have been growing at an average rate of 20%-25%. In various real estate development projects and the fine decoration of star-rated hotels and guesthouse bathrooms, shower room products account for more than 80%, occupying a significant part of bathroom products’ position. With the hot home improvement market, the shower room industry is even more popular, and the future development potential of the shower room is huge.


    For a long time,3H has always adhered to the market demand-oriented, deeply cultivated in the construction industry, constantly in-depth understanding of customers' needs for diversified and personalized system supporting, continues to expand market channels, and further expands the market through integration, extension, and enrichment of product lines, competitiveness and improve corporate advantages.


    Projects Show


    Swing door shower room
    Concise and stylish, transparent and refreshing
    The biggest advantage of the swing door shower room is the convenience, it is convenient to switch, ergonomic, and mostly adopts a borderless design. The appearance is simple and stylish, transparent and smooth, and very easy to take care of. However, the design of the swing door has certain requirements for the bathroom space, and the small space is prone to collision.


    Sliding door shower room
    Safe and stable · Durable

    The biggest advantage of the sliding door shower room is that it does not take up space. It is embedded between the slide rails on the top and bottom of the shower room. It is safe and stable. It can be easily opened by sliding left and right. However, the sliding door slide rail itself has a high wear rate, and it is easy to switch after falling into the debris, which is more suitable for households with small bathroom space.


    Strength · Quality · Service



    Products| Brands| Excellent| Established in 1981, 3H is a modern Chinese door, window and curtain wall construction hardware manufacturer. It has a nationally recognized CNAS laboratory, a provincial-level enterprise technology center and a provincial-level engineering technology research center. It has won many high-tech The title of technology enterprise, with independent product development and large-scale production capabilities, with mature and highly competitive brand advantages.



    Products | Quality | 3H shower room products are complete in categories and styles, using high-quality product accessories and raw materials to provide a strong guarantee for product quality and life. In addition, 3H can also provide customers with a safe, convenient and beautiful overall solution in terms of design, material, size, finish and style in all aspects according to customer needs.



    Service | Support 3H has a professional and efficient technical team and a strong pre-sale, sales, and after-sales service system, and is committed to providing each family and each user with a healthy, comfortable and safe bathing experience.

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