• The Sealing Inspection of Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows is Very Important

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    • Time: 2018-06-04
  • The aluminum alloy door is the aluminum alloy profile that has been treated on the surface, and it is made of the door frame components made by processing, punching, milling, tapping, and manufacturing processes, and then used together with connecting parts, sealing materials and opening and closing door hardware accessories to be a door.


    Another feature of aluminum alloy doors is their decorative features. Most aluminum alloy doors are inlaid with art glass of various colors. These glasses have a single layer, but also double-glazed glass with strong stereoscopic effect and good sound insulation.
    Experts of aluminum alloy doors, choose aluminum doors with inlaid glass, especially the use of insulating glass design products, we must pay attention to its sealing performance. If the seal is not good, it will cause filth in the hollow layer, affecting the appearance. The branded products are made of high-quality sealing strips and are sealed in all directions with advanced hot-press sealing technology. They can effectively prevent dust and water, and have outstanding soundproofing effects.
    Reminder: Check the seal of the aluminum alloy door glass partition. In addition to checking whether the front glass adhesive coating is tight, it is also necessary to check whether the sealing strip on the door back glass is smooth and requires no curling or no groove removal.. Carefully check and enjoy the happy life brought by doors and windows.

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