• The Features and Purchasing Requirement of Stainless stain Handle

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    • Time: 2018-05-08
  • 1. The feature of stainless steel door lock handle
    1) .Environmental protection products: stainless steel handle has strong resistance to pollution, acid, corrosion, wear resistance, no radioactivity.
    2) .Surface of the products is clean compact, it is not easy to dust pollution, and with good self-cleaning.
    3) .Easy maintenance: if there is a slight scratch, the stainless steel column can be wiped with toothpaste with water, and it can be removed.
    4) .Strength of the Stainless steel handle is good at the corrosion resistance and non-radioactive.
    5) .Beautiful appearance of stainless steel handle: stainless steel pattern is clear and smooth, rich in color and exquisite in shape, the surface of stainless steel handle is as bright as jade, the quality of sanding is noble and elegant
    6) .Easy installation, stainless steel handle with seamless connection technology, good safety, reasonable design, combined installation, simple and fast construction.

    2. The purchasing requirement of stainless steel handle
    With the wide use of stainless steel materials, stainless steel handle is widely used, the demand is very large, whether in the home installation or public places will be used. Although stainless steel handle is only a small hardware, but there is a lot of attentions during the purchasing.
    1) .The shape of stainless steel handle is accorded to the customers’ favour. But the handle which is used on the home door, the stainless steel one is the best choice.
    2) .During the installation of cabinet, the handle in stainless steel is the best to be chosen. Because its appearance and its advantage as mentioned above.





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