• 3H INC. Help the new headquarters building of the Ethiopian Commercial Bank

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    • Time: 2019-12-26
  • The new headquarters building of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is 206 meters high. It is located in the business center area of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. And shopping are integrated. This project is another landmark construction undertaken by China Construction after the AU Conference Center project. This is the tallest building in East Africa, which is called "the world's architectural miracle". It is not only made by China, but its door and window accessories are also made in China.


    It is understood that the construction of the new headquarters building of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is extremely difficult in technology. In order to achieve this "world architectural miracle" perfectly, the construction unit-Shenzhen Jinyue Curtain Wall Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. also has extremely difficult choices and requirements for building sealing tape. Harsh. Hopewell Group, with its strong comprehensive strength, excellent product quality and excellent and efficient service team, stands out among the public, providing high-quality sealing materials-silicone strips and EPDM strips for building curtain walls and aluminum alloy doors and windows.
    As we all know, 3H INC has always been the leading brand in the construction hardware industry, but many people don't know that 3H INC first started with the production of rubber. In 1981, 3H INC Plastic Factory was established to produce rubber products. In 1992, Hopewell expanded its production workshop and began to produce construction sealant products. In 1999, Dali 3H INC Plastic Hardware Products Factory was renamed Foshan Nanhai Hehexing Industrial Co., Ltd., and obtained the product qualification recommended by the Construction Doors and Windows Research Institute of China Construction Machinery Corporation of the Ministry of Construction. Ketone structure sealant sales company.
    After nearly 40 years of precipitation, Hopewell has never stopped in the development of rubber and plastics business. Foshan Meirun Rubber & Plastic Technology Development Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Guangdong Hehe Group (hereinafter referred to as Meirun Rubber & Plastic). Meirun Rubber & Plastic has a fully automatic compounding center imported from Taiwan. (Five composites, two composites), 14 sets of subsequent processing equipment (Japanese technology), including 12 EPDM extrusion vulcanization production lines for building seals, 2 EPDM composite production lines, 7 PVC production lines, and 50 flat plate curing machines The laboratory is equipped with Taiwan Yoken complete set of automobile and building seal testing equipment. It is determined to become the most competitive rubber and plastic enterprise in South China in three major areas: building seals, automobile seals and rubber molded products.
    With a solid foundation, Hopewell will meet the opportunities and challenges of internationalization with a more positive and open attitude in the future, continue to focus on product quality, adhere to innovation and development, and strive to achieve "China Hopewell, a national brand, a leading enterprise, and go global "Enterprise vision, to promote China's intelligent manufacturing to the world!

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