• Aluminum Door and Window:Door and Window Hardware and Component are Indispensable

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    • Time: 2019-05-14
  • Aluminum Door and Window:Door and Window Hardware and Component are Indispensable


    The doors and windows of the building are the breathing system of the building. It is an important barrier for all-aluminum household life lighting, sightseeing, air convection and anti-theft. A small door and window, involving aluminum alloy profiles, glass, accessories etc., are indispensable, if less, this door or window may be bothersome and uncomfortable.

    1. Hardware

    Door and window hardware directly affects the opening and closing of doors and windows, also the flexibility, airtightness and service life. Choosing good door and window accessories is as important as selecting the doors and windows. Generally speaking, in the market, there are brands with good years and good reputation, and hardware are more worth buying. After installing the door and window, you should observe whether the hardware is installed firmly and whether it is flexible.

    2. Friction Stay

    In order to prevent the window from being damaged when the wind blows, the friction stay should be installed on the window. The principle is very simple, but if the quality is not good, the opening and closing of the window will be very inflexible, so pay attention to the flexibility when purchasing. And it is best to choose stainless steel texture.


    3. Rubber Sealing Strip

    Although the rubber sealing strip is inconspicuous, its importance cannot be ignored. The quality of the rubber sealing strip is good or bad, which will cause the door and window to use differently. It will seriously affect the degree of window sealing strip. The quality of “EPDM” on the market is good, that is, the price is relatively high.

    4.Styrofoam  and Silicone

    A large amount of Styrofoam and silicone will be used in the installation of doors and windows. If the choice of these two kinds of glue is not good, the possibility of air leakage and rain leakage in the doors and windows will be very large.

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