• 3H Recommendation | Removable Roller LTS-17A

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    • Time: 2020-11-26
  • 3H Recommendation | Removable Roller LTS-17A


    Rollers are one of the important parts of sliding doors and windows that cannot be ignored. A good roller not only facilitates opening, reduces noise, but also prolongs the service life of doors and windows.

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    However, in daily life, as the service life of doors and windows increases, aging, deformation, and damage will gradually appear. As one of the door and window accessories that need to be replaced more often, the roller is complicated and cumbersome to disassemble and assemble, which causes great troubles for users.

    Easy Disassembly and Assembly · No Damage to Doors and Windows

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    The invention of the removable roller of 3H INC. effectively solves the problem of the need to disassemble all the doors and windows into separate parts when replacing the doors and windows with new rollers, which requires a large amount of replacement and a long time. This new type of removable roller LTS-17A adopts the removable design concept, which can easily split the roller into three parts: outer bracket, pulley bracket, and fastening rubber card. When replacing the door and window roller, there is no need to disassemble it as a whole, just replace the new roller, which effectively prevents the secondary damage to the door and window during the disassembly and assembly process.

    Small Stature ·  Big Ability

    3h removable roller lts17a 01

    Although the roller is small, it carries the weight of the entire door and window. This removable roller LTS-17A can load up to 120KG. The pulley bracket is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is strong and wear-resistant and durable. The roller part is made of nylon and fiber material, which is more rigid and tough. After the product has passed 100,000 repeated opening and closing tests, it can still be used normally, sliding smoothly and silently.



    Easy Disassembly and Assembly · No Damage to Doors and Windows


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