• 3H Project Tour|Zhuhai Grand Theater

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    • Time: 2020-06-01
  • 3H Project Tour|Zhuhai Grand Theater

    "City Light · 3H Glory"   2020 Project Cases

    Every city,

    Unique charm due to unique architecture;

    Attractive building,

    Is given life because of the integration of 3H


    The project introduced to you today is the Zhuhai Grand Theater.
    The Zhuhai Grand Theater is located on the seafront of Yelidao Island, Qinglv Road, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. It is currently the only opera house built on the island in China. It has a total construction area of 59,000 square meters and a maximum height of 90 meters. It has grand theaters with 1550 seats and multifunctional small theaters with 550 seats.

    As a key supplier of door and window hardware for  Zhuhai Grand Theater , 3H INC., provided supporting services for door and window hardware such as electric window openers and floor springs.


    The application of electric window openers solves the problem of high-rise and super high-rise buildings controlling the opening and closing of high-altitude windows. Moreover, the electric window opener can also be used in conjunction with the internal environment control system of the building and the fire alarm system to adjust the opening and closing or opening size of the window sash through automatic induction.

    Daily environmental indicators such as indoor humidity, temperature, and oxygen content can be automatically controlled to improve the human comfort of the internal building environment; in addition, in the event of a fire in the building, the fire smoke exhaust window can be automatically opened to quickly remove indoor smoke and toxic gases, which greatly enhances the fire safety index of buildings.

    The electric window opener of 3H INC.,  has passed the repeated opening test of more than 30,000 times, and has the characteristics of high locking force and soft closing. Product types include electric chain-type window openers, rack-type window openers and electric screw-type window openers. The chain-type window opener is mainly used for hanging windows, lower hanging windows, casement windows,and parallel opening window;rack-type window openers and screw-type window openers are mainly used for skylight,top hung window,etc..


    The floor spring door is mainly used in public places and emergency exits. The door can be opened freely inside and outside. Floor spring is the core component of floor spring door to realize free opening / closing. The floor springs of 3H INC., are all made of CR-MO alloy steel forging, tempering and quenching heat treatment. After grinding, the parts are all immersed in high-quality low-temperature resistant hydraulic oil and used in an extremely low temperature environment of minus 20 ℃; the built-in pressure relief valve can prevent the monitor from damage or oil leakage caused by external strong pressure or strong wind; the product positioning is accurate, whether it is outward or inward, it can be positioned at 0 °, and when the door is opened to 90 °, it can also be automatically and accurately positioning.



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