• 3H Joins Hands with Dow to Help the Construction of CBD of Egypt!

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    • Time: 2020-07-10
  • 3H Joins Hands with Dow to Help the Construction of CBD of Egypt!


    Egypt's new capital CBD project is a key national engineering project in Egypt. It is located in the core area of the first phase of Egypt's new capital. The total construction area is about 1.7 million square meters, including 20 super high-rise/high-rise buildings and supporting municipal projects. The total investment is about 3 billion dollars. The project is hailed as "the locomotive of Egypt's future development". Its construction is not only an important "benchmark" and "Belt and Road" for China-Egypt production capacity cooperation, but also symbolizes the long-lasting friendship between China and Egypt and even China and Africa.


    As the key supplier of the CBD curtain wall project in the new capital of Egypt, 3H Shenzhen Branch (ie Shenzhen Oak Trade Co., Ltd.) provided DOWSIL993N two-component silicone structural sealant, DOWSIL995 One-component silicone structural sealant for the P1, P3, P4 bids of the project , DOWSIL791 silicone weather-resistant sealant, DOWSIL991 high-performance silicone sealant and other silicone sealant supporting services.


    The construction of super high-rise buildings in desert areas where the temperature difference between day and night is close to 20 degrees Celsius will undoubtedly have higher requirements for the overall performance of silicone sealant products. Dow (DOWSIL) silicone sealant series products have high tensile strength, high tear resistance, long-term weather resistance, anti-pollution and other performance characteristics, not only meet the safety, energy saving, environmental protection, unique new type of the project. The design requirements can also resist extreme weather, extreme temperature differences and strong ultraviolet radiation, effectively prolonging the life of the building.


    In recent years, with the extension of the national “Belt and Road” policy,3H keeps pace with the market, continuously integrates internal and external resources, expands product lines, continues to enhance brand strength, and strives to provide customers with one-stop solutions. In the future, 3H will continue to expand cooperation with countries along the “Belt and Road”, providing customers around the world with better quality, more comprehensive and more professional products and services, creating value for construction!

    The Dow products used in this project are exclusively supplied by Shenzhen Oaks.
    Shenzhen Oak Forest is an authorized agent of the American Dow Company.
    Shenzhen Oaks Trading Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of 3H Group.

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